Emad Hassan Elshafie MD

Dr. Emad Hassan Elshafie, MD is a graduate of Alexandria College of medicine in 1994, where he also attended his postgraduate training. He graduated as a specialist of critical care medicine in 1999. Dr. Emad trained at the Alexandria main university hospital at the department of critical care medicine and toxicology. During his residency, he was able to provide superior care to critically ill patients of various categories.

In 2003, Dr Emad moved to Yemen where he worked at Althawra general teaching hospital, the largest and well equipped hospital in Sana’a Yemen. He had shared effectively with Yemeni colleagues in initiation of critical care medicine and emergency medicine specialties as a trainer of Arab Board of emergency medicine. He is a member of many of critical care societies and he attended a lot of critical care conferences and training courses. He holds the European diploma of intensive care medicine since 2011.

Currently Dr.Emad is working as a specialist of critical care medicine at Al Mafraq hospital in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.